About Omi Gems

Gemstones are in our blood. Omi was founded in the United States in 1985 by Omi Nagpal and his wife, Preeti, whose family were ruby miners dating back to 19th century Burma. Omi Gems rose to prominence as one of the world’s foremost purveyors of loose gemstones, known for our expertise, integrity and eye for rare, one-of-a-kind finds. Today with the Nagpals’ son, Niveet, at the helm, Omi continues to build upon this tradition, which ensures our ability to shepherd our gemstones from sourcing to the final polishing, safeguarding that each step is executed with the utmost care, responsibility and precision. 

As Omi continues to evolve, we remain committed to our industry and take an active role in issues like ethical production practices and mining community aid through organizations like Gem Legacy. We also work to educate both our customers and the greater public on gemstones, hoping they’ll come to appreciate and admire them as much as we do. 

The distinguished team at Omi Gems brings over 150 years of combined industry experience with two Graduate Gemologists on staff. We believe in complete disclosure of treatments and running an ethical business, while building relationships and understanding our client’s needs. We provide knowledge, information and support to all of our clients. Our passion lies within the belief that every gemstone is a gift from nature. Our dedication is to provide our expertise and worldwide network of sources to bring you the unsurpassed natural beauty of fine gemstones.