MJSA Online Design Challenge: Designs 8 & 9


The final two designs for the 2013 MJSA Online Design Challenge have been posted! Each year the MJSA hosts an online competition for jewelry designers who are MJSA members. The designers are given specs for a particular gemstone (this year Omi Gems’ 3.18 carat cushion cut color-change alexandrite) and a fictional story to build their creation around. The 2013 scenario, “Russian Doll,” challenged the designers to think about how they would handle designing a wedding ring and engagement band for a young Russian couple chasing the American Dream. Designers must incorporate the bride’s style, heritage and love for dance into their design. Read the full story here and check out the final two designs!

The 8th design comes from Jennifer Dawes of Dawes Design in Santa Rosa, California. After reading the story of Galina’s engagement, Jennifer was taken by the description of the “kutya“, a traditional Russian porridge made of grains, honey, and poppy seeds. This became the heart of Jennifer’s design, using the porridge’s ingredients to symbolize hope, happiness and peace.

On the top of the ring, you will see two small bees representing honey, pollinating this magical stone and also serving as prongs to hold the alexandrite center stone.

The 9th and final design before online voting begins in early October is from Timothy W. Green of Portland, Oregon. Timothy was thrilled when he saw the Omi Gem’s cushion alexandrite. “The center stone is so spectacular that I wanted it to be the the star of the show. I didn’t want to overwhelm it with a lot of unnecessary bling,” says Timothy. Read his full design inspiration here.

While the ring is lush and impressive, it is designed to be comfortable to wear for Galina’s love of dance. The center stone is set low with bead-set melee so she can dance without worrying about her ring getting caught or in the way.

Visit the MJSA Design Challenge homepage for your chance to vote for your favorite design!

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