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Vote Omi Privé Platinum at JCK’s Prestige Promenade!

Platinum Guild International annually hosts the Platinum Innovation Awards, enticing JCK show exhibitors to enter their most innovative platinum bridal and fashion designs. Omi Privé is honored to take part in the fourth annual Platinum Innovation Awards in 2013. We have submitted three of our latest platinum designs, and all voting will take place on Friday, May 31st and Saturday, June 1st during JCK Las Vegas! View the intricate workmanship of Omi Privé, and vote for your favorite platinum pieces at Prestige Promenade, Salon 37. We look forward to seeing you!

Below are Omi Privé’s three incomparable platinum design entries for 2013:


“Platinum Red Carpet Jewelry” – This unheated 17.70 carat Ceylon sapphire is magnificently held by 16 diamond pavé-set platinum prongs that merge perfectly into the triple split shank.

“Platinum and Colored Gemstone Jewelry” – The pure white metal color of this stunning platinum setting flawlessly allows the 2.69 natural color-change alexandrite center to reveal its striking hues!

“Platinum Engagement Ring” – This Omi Privé ring ingeniously features round brilliant diamonds intricately set along the inner borders of the center prongs, impeccably highlighting the 8.61 carat round violet-blue sapphire center!

Follow these simple steps to vote in the Platinum Innovation Awards! All votes must be submitted from JCK. Visit us in Prestige Promenade, Salon 37 to acquire the necessary codes:

STEP 1: Visit Omi Privé at JCK’s Prestige Promenade, Salon 37.

STEP 2: Locate the PT code (i.e. PT01) next to the blue logo of your favorite designs featured above.

STEP 3: Using your mobile device, send a text with the PT code (i.e. PT01) to number 30364.

STEP 4: Find your other two Omi Privé favorite designs, and repeat steps 1 and 2!

Look for these plaques in our cases at Prestige Promenade to retrieve voting codes!
Platinum Guild International is a worldwide marketing organization dedicated to creating, expanding and strengthening consumer and trade markets for platinum jewelry. Through various programs offered, such as the Platinum Innovation Awards, they nurture and promote the consumer desire for platinum jewelry.

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We’re Throwing a Padparadscha Party! AGTA Booth 511

It’s easy to tell how rare a Padparadscha sapphire is the moment you lay eyes on one. The unique soft orange-pink tone they emit is like no other gemstone. This striking gem is a special member of the corundum family, and features a delicate, pastel color, best defined as a blend between pink and orange. The island of Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) situated off the southern-most coast of India in the Indian Ocean was the first source of these remarkable gems. Other sources may also include Vietnam, Tanzania and Madagascar.

The unusual name “padparadscha” was derived from the Sinhalese “Padma raga” translated as “color of lotus blossom.” The native Sri Lankan lotus is a reflection of the stone’s exotic and unique pastel orange-pink appearance. Padparadscha sapphires are very rare, and the exact definition has always been a matter of debate: different gemstone experts and laboratories around the world disagree on the exact color denoted by this term. Some even argue that the term should not be limited to the pastel shades of Sri Lankan sapphires, but also include the more fiery shades of reddish-orange from the Umba Valley in Tanzania.

Our latest selection of rare Padparadscha sapphires includes ovals and cushions ranging from 2-8 carats.

In general, the clearer and more vivid the color, the more valuable this fancy sapphire is. If the color is in the pastel range, the clarity should be good. In lighter tones, inclusions are more noticeable and a cleaner gemstone with fewer inclusions is generally preferred. In a lighter colored gemstone, the cut is also more important: it should reflect light back evenly across the face of the stone, making it lively and brilliant. Highly coveted by collectors around the world for their rarity, Padparadscha sapphires sell at a premium, their prices nearing those for fine blue sapphires. Although the exact description of these rare gemstones is debatable, their beauty and rarity is not.

Padparadscha sapphires are one of our favorite stones at Omi Gems. We love the delicate femininity the stone’s color relays, especially in jewelry designs. The selection of loose Padparadscha sapphires that we bring to our customers is carefully hand selected, and is guaranteed as some of the best in the world. We invite you to view our fine selection of Padparadscha sapphires, along with other rare gemstones, including alexandrite, spinel and Paraíba tourmaline at AGTA booth 511, JCK Las Vegas.

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MJSA Online Design Challenge – Submissions #3, #4 and #5

Each year MJSA hosts an Online Design Challenge based on a fictional story inspiring a design around a loose gemstone. This year participants are taking inspiration from Omi Gems’ 3.18 carat cushion cut alexandrite and the story of a young Russian couple in love. The focus of the story is Galina, a young woman chasing the American Dream, still in love with her Russian ancestry. The designer’s mission is to design Galina’s engagement ring and wedding band around this alexandrite, using any materials he/she sees fit.

The third custom design in this year’s Online Design Challenge is from Pierre-Yves Paquette of Saint-Sauveur, Quebec, Canada. The organic, nature-inspired fashions of Galina’s favorite fashion designer provided the idea for Pierre’s design. The platinum and 18K yellow gold mokumé gane wedding band nestles within the shank of the engagement ring, enabling the two rings to be worn together or separately. “I chose to use mokumé game for the wedding band because the style is reminiscent of the colorfully twisted domes on Moscow’s Kremlin,” says Pierre.

 Green carnets compliment the purple and blue of the alexandrite. The champagne diamonds and green garnets bring the colors of nature to Pierre-Yves Paquette’s inspired design.

The fourth design in the MJSA Online Design Challenge is presented by Zoltan David of Austin, Texas. Zoltan says he “felt an instant connection to Galina’s story,” because the Russian cultural artistry is so similar to the Hungarian art and architecture of his own heritage. Zoltan used his patented shaped metal inlay process along the platinum rings, with 24K inlaid gold shaped into beads, leading the eye back to the center stone. “I made sure each element kept the focus on the alexandrite, a prospect I enjoyed because the more beautiful the gemstone, the easier it is to work with.”

Zotan David’s design features inlaid 18K green gold leaves and 24K yellow gold beads directing the eye to the center alexandrite.

The fifth submission for the 2013 MJSA Online Design Challenge is from Boris Goynatsky of BG Art Jewelry Atelier in New York City. Galina’s story literally hit home for Goynatsky, as Russia is his native country. Incorporating the three pillars of Russian culture- home, faith, and motherland- Goynatsky’s platinum ring set eludes each of these elements to capture the Russian spirit. “To represent Russian orthodox belief and faith, I used the typical golden onion heads found on Russian basilicas. They point up to the ever-changing Russian sky, beautifully symbolized here by the color-change alexandrite,” says Goynatsky.

 Goynatsky choose platinum to represent his design. The cool white metal captures the spirit of the Russian winter and is perfect to feature the alexandrite without color infiltration.

At Omi Gems we have one of the largest selections of fine quality loose alexandrite, and are proud to sponsor the 2013 MJSA Online Design Challenge. Stay tuned to our blog and MJSA’s website to cast your votes for your favorite designs later this year!

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Stock Your Store with Color that Sells!

by Nicolette Kovacevich, G.G.
Manager of Fine Jewelry, Omi Privé

May marks my favorite – and on some days, my most stressful – time of the year: JCK!  This trade show encompasses all of my energy and focus during the spring. I love jewelry, and trade shows epitomize this. However, I understand that for buyers, JCK can be a bit hectic and overwhelming, especially without necessary groundwork.

In preparing for this buying opportunity, it is imperative to understand today’s market. Many stores have a niche clientele that they may not be aware of – the clients that seek distinctive and unique looks that cannot be ordered from a repeatable production line.  The majority of times, these clients are satisfied by color.

Jewelry is an emotional purchase. Color evokes emotion. Stocking pieces of colored gemstone jewelry is vital. There will be a customer that comes in desiring “something different” than the standard diamond ring each of her friends have.  Recognizing the right piece of colored gemstone jewelry to put in front of this customer – and having it accessible at the moment – is crucial.

There are certain “color essentials” of gemstone jewelry that ideally highlight every retailer’s on-hand Inventory.  I have compiled a short list of these staple pieces.  As we gear up and review past and existing Inventories in preparation for June, these are the “must haves” for every JCK shopping list!

1. Stud Earrings
Omi Privé platinum stud earrings featuring sapphire, ruby, or emerald centers are top sellers. The French pavé-set diamond halos highlight colored stones, proving them formal enough for evenings, yet unfussy for everyday wear.

2. Versatile Colored Gemstone Ring
From the client seeking a sapphire engagement or promise ring to the female customer desiring an effortless right-hand ring, Omi Privé’s “Signature 1” style features a timeless pavé halo framing a round gem. This ring grows with any wearer, and its design will never tire.

3. The Three-Stone Ring Classic in its simplicity, a three-stone ring appeals to a multitude of generations. Omi Privé designs with the center stone, or all three stones, as colored gems attract even the most critical eye.

4. The Big, Colorful Cocktail Ring

At least one colored gemstone statement ring is a staple in any woman’s – and thus, store’s – jewelry collection.

5. Pieces Featuring the Pantone Color of the Year

It is fundamental to appeal to current trends, including the earmarked “color of the year.” This year’s color, Emerald, invokes feelings of well-being, growth, and balance.

6. A “Princess Diana” Sapphire Ring
 While 18 carat sapphire rings do not fall within every consumer’s resources, many today have their wishes fulfilled with a smaller version of this sapphire and diamond design. Omi Privé’s RC1220-SAOV is the perfect choice.

7. A Unique, One-of-a-Kind Gemstone Piece

Displaying at least one vibrant, showstopper piece of jewelry will grab attention, gain exposure, and appeal to higher clientele. A recent tip from INSTORE wisely affirms, “Always show big to sell big!”

Keep your shopping list online with JCK’s Marketplace! Browse all of your favorite Omi Privé designs, and save them to your “favorites” for easy reference on the show floor from your smart phone! View the complete colorful collection of Omi Privé in person at JCK’s Prestige Promenade, Salon 37.

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Prestige Promenade is Your Destination for Colorful Design!

Omi Privé Showcases New & Award-Winning Designs at JCK’s Prestige Promenade Salon 37

We are extremely excited to be part of Prestige Promenade at JCK Las Vegas from May 31st – June 3rd, 2013! We invite you to plan “Your Day at Prestige” and set aside time for a number of great events happening on the Prestige Promenade show floor, located on Shorelines Level 2. From Starbucks in the morning, to catered lunches during the day, to cocktails and parties in the evening, Prestige is creating an environment reflective of the beautiful product we all work with. We want your day at Prestige to be as memorable as it is productive!
We’d like to personally invite you to join us and enjoy our colorful Omi Privé collection, our wonderful team and the exceptional services offered at Prestige Promenade:

Your day at Prestige begins with “Coffee & Color” each day at 10am. Jump start your day and view all of our colorful award-winning designs while sipping a delicious cup of Starbucks coffee!

Join us on Friday night for cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and entertainment during the NEW Prestige Party*! The opening day party starts at 5:30 pm on the Prestige Promenade Pavilion show floor. Please RSVP to

The party doesn’t stop with Prestige! We’re excited to invite you to the new Prestige Late Night Lounge* in the Bar Moderno at the Aria. Friday and Saturday night from 10 pm – midnight enjoy signature cocktails inspired by the color purple in a polished and fun atmosphere!

Saturday morning at 8:30 am we invite you to the Prestige International Breakfast*, where you will have a chance to browse the Prestige floor in advance of show opening. Enjoy a continental breakfast and color without crowds or interruption!

Other perks of visiting Prestige Promenade include:
– Business Center and Shipping Services
– TWO Starbucks Cafés with Full Beverage Menu available for sale from 10 am – 6 pm
– Continental Breakfast offered in the Top of the Promenade Café*
– Internet Café
– Fabulous Catered Lunch Service*
– Afternoon Snacks, Cocktails and Hors D’oeuvres*
– Lounge Area

We encourage you to contact us at or 877.OMI.GEMS to set up your personal appointment time during the show. In the meantime browse the Omi Privé must-have designs and we look forward to seeing you at Salon 37 in a few weeks!

*Credentials required – Please inquire

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