“I Would Wear That!”

by Nicolette Kovacevich, G.G.
Manager of Fine Jewelry, Omi Privé

One of the most important things I took from my education was something a female professor once said in a business course. While discussing females in the financial workplace, she recommended, “We have to dress for the job we want, not necessarily the job we have.” Well, I know it was a side topic for the class at the time, but that phrase stuck with me, and as I developed my career (out of finance and into jewelry, no less) I learned to not only apply that lesson to work, but to life.

I believe that what we wear affects how we feel. From a new pair of running shoes to a pair of Sapphire and Diamond earrings, I believe every piece one puts on adds value to your day. Dress for the day you want to have. Even if the schedule only includes laundry and a trip to the market, nobody can dispute that wearing a fabulous cocktail ring while folding clothes or picking out produce cannot make it more exciting! Jewelry may be an accessory, but it is one that evokes emotion. The relevance it can hold in our day-to-day life is as prominent and as meaningful as its tangible value.

Working with jewelry every day definitely has its pros. Who can complain about waking up every morning and working a 9-6 job, while being surrounded by spectacular rare colored gemstones, presented in fine gold and platinum settings? However, when I leave the workplace at the end of each day, I am quickly reminded of the “real world,” and of the value and extremities of the pieces I work with.

Here, I am wearing my first piece of Omi Privé, a 20.02 carat unheated natural pink sapphire and diamond ring!

Design details under the head and on the sides of a ring only add to its alluring beauty.

I understand that to some, jewelry is a novelty. It is something of beauty to be cherished, worn and enjoyed. To others, it is an Investment. But to all, it is a luxury. I am so thrilled to have the pleasure to manage Omi Privé, one of the most spectacular collections of fine and rare gemstones set in specially designed and handcrafted pieces of jewelry. As the new Manager, I am especially excited to guide the collection as it expands and grows to reach both loyal and new customers. It is my hope that by sharing my behind-the-scenes experiences, the beautiful colors of this collection can inspire your days as they do mine. Every piece in Omi Privé tells a story. I look forward to sharing my reactions and “loves” with each of you, and hopefully add color to your days, too!

Nicolette prepares the colorful jewelry for the day!


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