Why Colored Gemstones are Key to Your Store’s Success

Article courtesy of Adam Graham, American Gem Trade Association, as seen in the INSTORE Smart Jewelry Show Guide

Colored gemstones and cultured pearls offer some of the best margins for the retail jeweler, so why is it that retailers don’t focus more resources on this category? If you can sell more high-margin product then your profits will grow exponentially. To sell more within this category requires some staff training, promotion and product that is a proper extension of your store’s merchandising mix…

Capture the story behind color and be sure and display it front and center!

…The other key to merchandising your store with color is to make sure that you place it in showcases at the front of the store. Take a look at how the high-end department stores, who do very well with color, merchandise their jewelry departments. These companies pay for focus groups and traffic studies. They always have the colored gemstone jewelry up front. They know that it catches the eye and draws people in. So, please don’t stick it in the showcase on the back corner with the bad lights and wonder why it doesn’t sell; place it front and center…READ FULL ARTICLE

Ruby and diamond wedding set from Omi Privé.

Sapphire and diamond 3-stone ring from the Omi Privé signature collection.

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