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AGTA Trends – 2011 Color Forecast

Great article from AGTA. Get a jump on what colors will be hot this year. AGTA 2011 COLOR FORECAST This is extremely valuable information for everyone in the jewelry industry. Colored gemstone jewelry has been hot recently and is picking up even more steam with a slew of colored gemstone engagement rings in the media the past few months. Pink Sapphire engagement ring anyone!

Pink Sapphire and Diamond Micro Pave Ring (5.45ct Radiant)

Pink Sapphire and Diamond 3-Stone Platinum Ring (6.24cts)

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Omi Gems in Instore Magazine Blog

Spectrum’s New Spectrum of Trends

What a difference a decade makes. Ten years ago—give or take—I was one of the judges for the annual AGTA “Spectrum Awards.” Every year since—again, give or take—I attend the Editors’ Preview of the winners and entries, which occurs the day immediately following the competition.

But here’s the thing: This year at the Media Event, I was not only entranced (as always) by the incredible designs and lapidary work, but also by the clear sea change in jewelry trends. Really. Ten years ago, would you have seen . . .

As 1st place in “Bridal,” an engagement ring with a neon-green tsavorite? (

As “Best of Show,” a cuff with an aquamarine set in palladium? (

As “Platinum Honors” winner, a pair of earrings spotlighting Zultanite? (

As a black-tie neckpiece (and taking 1st place in “Classical”), a daring mix of three primary colors? (

No question about it, in contemporary jewelry, boundaries have been broken, parameters are passé. And top honorees in the 2011 AGTA Spectrum Awards are brilliant proof. Take a look for yourself at Meantime, I do have one question, though: Is the AGTA ever to going to ask me again to be a judge for Spectrum? A decade ago, they invited me to jury by e-mail. But, as everything has changed since then, I’m thinking perhaps next year they’ll send me an Evite? A text? A message on my Facebook page? I’ll be sure to check.

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